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About ME

Over 25 years of experience in photo shooting, covering all aspects of life, from war to peace, portraits, nature and ads. - Nabil Ismail
A creative, articulate, diligent, hardworking professional photographer specialized in capturing outstanding warfare spots worldwide, as well as major political events, social reporting, reading and analyzing the photos. Highly experienced in establishing and running photography departments, as well as providing training, mentoring, coaching, and lecturing for press and artistic photography.


Nabil_ismail_portraitMore than 25 years capturing the various hot and political events in Lebanon, Africa, and the Arab World. I worked as a correspondent for many international foreign agencies and a freelance reporter depending on the hot events. I participated in several photography competitions in the Arab World and Europe as well.





Events Covered

  • The Lebanese Civil War from beginning to end.
  • The Israeli invasion to Lebanon in 1982.
  • The Israeli withdrawal from Sinai Desert in 1981.
  • The famine in Africa.
  • The Eritrean War from 1998 to 2000.
  • The Yemen conflict in 1985.
  • The 1st Persian Gulf War in 1990.
  • The flee of one million Kurds to Turkey in 1991.
  • Coverage of most Arabic and foreign summits in different countries as well as important meetings of heads of states of global decision.

Honors, Awards, and Affiliations

  • head of Syndicate of Press Photographers in Lebanon 1992-1997.
  • Secretary General of the Syndicate of Photographers in Lebanon 1980-1992.
  • Honor Award from World Press Photography 1985.
  • Participation in different local and world exhibitions, as well as winner of many world and local awards.